Food for the Soul - with Tanya Wodicka

Naturotherapy includes the ensemble of natural therapies. The common concept of these methods is to follow the laws of nature, to prevent illness and to promote gentle healing.

Tired of being tired?...
Your body is hurting, you spirit is down?...
You want to take charge of your life!
Come to a resourceful place in Edelweiss.
Tanya will be pleased to accompany you on your journey towards global health, and a healing of body, spirit and soul.

New member of ANN, National Associaton of Naturopaths.
Insurance receipt for your consultations.


Did you know that... cascading water has the proprieties of rock water?
Dr. Bach designated this water as a remedy to soften strict and rigid personalities.

Natural Healing Workshop
Tanya teaches how to determine the cause of a health problem and the act of healing. It is a unique opportunity to get in contact with your own healing process. The workshop focuses on holistic health by practicing the art of natural medicine.

Tools used in Naturotherapy:

Evaluation, Body alignment, Alchimy - Inner Journey, Balancing chakras, Magnet therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Homeopathy,
Kinesiology (muscular test),
Healthy nutrition, Medicinal cards,
Vibrational medicine,
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Crystal and gemstone elixirs,
Flower remedies (Bach flowers),
Herbal medicine,
Vitamins, minerals and supplements
Waterfall massage,
Anti-stress exercises, Retreat
Making home remedies
Identifying medicinal plants in nature

Flash Workshops

Discover Bach Flowers
A brief overview on the proprieties of flower remedies, and on the life of Dr. Edward Bach.
Join us and prepare your own mixture of Bach flowers.

Women's Circle (an evening of sharing)
Spend an evening in good company around a camp-fire. Take some time in your busy life to celebrate, to forgive, to share and to be grateful.