Food for the Soul - with Tanya Wodicka


What is known as the new healthy cuisine has been adapted to suit our busy lives and to create that special meal during holidays and get-togethers. A diet that is fortifying, has nutritional balance and represents light cuisine, is based on the use of unrefined food of high quality and organic culture (if possible); moreover, the food should not have been genetically transformed nor cultivated with pesticides.

Here are pictures taken from a workshop (Spring 2009)
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Cours de cuisineCours de cuisine

Eliane et TanyaÉliane and Tanya




Over the last twenty years, the final touch of presenting a dish has grown in importance. The decoration involves edible flowers, fresh herbs, or sculptures using vegetables or fruits. We have learned how to enhance the taste of dishes by using seasonings from various countries.

Tanya Wodicka will share with you her three recipe books, her courses in cuisine and her experiences acquired over twenty years. Her little secrets of a chef will enable you to prepare delicious meals that are bound to impress the taste buds of your family and guests.


Level 1--The World of Healthy Cuisine
The course helps you to discover healthy cooking in all its simplicity. It is intended for those who want to know more about natural foods such as grains, legumes, nuts, tofu, vegetables and fruits. The course also covers sprouts, proteins, cold-pressed oils, and the making of sushis.

Level 2 -- Healthy Cuisine for Connaisseurs
Expand your knowledge with workshops on bread, soya milk, sprouting techniques, and seitan. You learn about the properties of seaweed, of herbs, of organic food, and you will understand better your nutritional needs.

International Vegetarian Cooking
Gourmet cooking meant for adventurers! Taste the exotic spices of India and Thailand! Discover the dishes of native Indian cuisine and the world of cooking with squashes.

Books and Recipes

Food for your Soul- Summer Feast (english)

Food for your Soul- Northern recipes (english)

Food for your Soul- Springtime Menus (english)

Food for your Soul- Harvest in your kitchen (english)

Level 1 -- The World of Healthy Cuisine

Level 2 -- Healthy Cuisine for Connaisseurs

International Vegetarian Cooking



New! Three Food for your soul residential cooking workshops

Tanya will share with you her chef secret’s,
favorite recipes, her knowledge on emotions and
food and learn how to relax in your kitchen.
You will be cooking the Barn’s favorites recipes
as well as worldwide vegetarian recipes.
Of course, besides cooking 5 full course meals,
you will also be eating it!

All three cooking workshops includes
meals, lodging and recipe book.
Maximum 12 participants.

Food for your Soul- Northern recipes
Sprouting & cutting techniques
Vegetable and fruit garnishes
4 blood type diet
How to have fun in a kitchen
Eating – emotions - foods
Food meditation, active meditation
The cook’s secrets
Kinesiology (muscle test) and much, much more!

Food for your Soul- Springtime menus
Spring, edible flowers
Edible wild plants, spring walk
Nutritional food value
Outdoor food pictures
How to organize your menus
Cutting meditation & active meditation
The chef's secrets
Kinesiology, food intolerance

Food for your Soul- Harvest in your kitchen
Harvest recipes, herb salts, oils
Preserves ; chutney’s and salsa’s
Cutting and harvest techniques
Mushrooms, harvest walk
Fall edible flowers & garden tips
Cooking meditation and active meditation
The chef’s creativity
Kinesiology testing and much, much more!

Workshop on Organic Gardening
Tanya will help you plan your garden to ensure an abundant harvest.

  1. Seeds, seedlings and soil preparation.
  2. Mulching and rotation.
  3. Compost and biodynamic calendar.
  4. Vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit trees.
  5. Insect control and natural pesticides.
  6. Lawn maintenance by ecological means.

Flash workshops

Edible flowers in your garden
Spend an afternoon learning to identify annuals and perennials in Tanya's
gardens. On the menu are the picking and tasting of edible flowers. Learn to prepare
floral butter with rose petals, floral oil with basil flowers, and a floral vinegar with chives or lavender flowers.