Food for the Soul - with Tanya Wodicka

Here is a selection of web sites that I found helpful.
While most sites are French (or bilingual),
a number of English sites are included.


Alternative Santé
Le répertoire des fournisseurs d'alternatives complémentaires en santé.

Nature Sunshine's
The highest quality herbal, vitamin, mineral and nutritional supplements
worldwide. Nature's Sunshine, a 30 year old company, has what is possibly
the highest quality vitamin and herb supplements in the world.

L’Herbothèque -Entreprise québécoise
Training by correspondence; herbalist, publications.

Santé-Net Québec
Everything about health in Quebec.

Le Collège des médecines douces du Québec (CMDQ)
Correspondence courses in naturopathy, nutrition, herbalism, homeopathy,
energetic and Chinese medicine.

Flower and Crystal Elixirs

Dr Edward Bach Center
The Bach Flower Remedies

The world of flower essences

Healthy Cuisine

Mollie Katzen Online
The interesting site of Mollie Katzen, author of “The Enchanted Broccoli”.

Les Jardins de l’Achillée Millefeuille
The gardens of l’Achillée Millefeuille; located 10 minutes from Mont-Tremblant.

Nutrient Data Laboratory
Database on nutrients in all food categories;
Search the USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.

Catherine Hubert
Assistance and Cuisine.

Edible Flowers

Les fleurs comestibles
List of edible flowers and how to use them.

Organic Gardening

Regroupement pour le Jardinage Écologique (R.J.É)

Les Jardins du Grand-Portage
Les jardins du Grand-Portage, Yves Gagnon, author ; garden visits.

Biodynamic agriculture

Avis Bio
Avis bio is an society is a non-lucrative business. Their mission is to
offer information concerning organic gardening.

Seed Dealers

William Dam Seeds
Seed dealer from Ontario ; many varieties.
William Dam Seeds - Quality Garden Seeds.

Richters Herbs
Catalogue of herb seeds, includes many varieties.
Richters Herbs - Medicinal, Culinary, Aromatic -Plants & Seeds

Seeds of Diversity
Exchange bank for seeds in danger of extinction.
Resource List - Seeds of Diversity Canada


The Barn
Yoga and meditation retreat, you can reserve this retreat center
for your own groups.
Tanya Wodicka offers you her troubadour catering at The Barn.


Librairie Biosfaire
Biosfaire library; books on health, cuisine, gardening, alternative medecine.


National Association of naturopaths is a website of
naturopaths who work for global health.

Canadian Order of Practitionersof Naturopathy and Naturotherapy
This order is a group of associations that are working towards the
advancement of alternative and complementary service in natural health and
has also a mission of protecting the public.

Association Manger Santé Bio
Health food and natural foods.

Médecins aux pieds nus
Humanitary association

Guilde des herboristes du Québec
Quebec's Herbalist guild


Magazine with an alternative approach to human being's diversity.