Food for the Soul - with Tanya Wodicka

Here is an outline of my background and my beliefs on healthy living.

I was born in the Outaouais and grew up in a family of six children. My
family's German and Quebec roots have influenced my perspective on life.
Since childhood, I felt a strong love for nature and wanted to share
knowledge with people. My travels in Europe, India, Mexico and North America
have been a source of inspiration and have broadened my outlook.

As a young adult, I settled in the deep forest and experienced a true return
to the land. With much enthusiasm, I discovered the treasures of mother
earth. My creative spirit finds an outlet in the realization of a multitude
of projects. I now live in a charming place in Edelweiss near Wakefield.

Tanya Wodicka


My career revolves around vegetarian cuisine, naturotherapy, kinesiology, elixirs of crystals and flowers, stress management, and communication.

Twenty years of experience in the fields of health, nutrition and horticulture, have given me practical tools that I share. My goal is to help people live healthy lives, and I believe in a holistic approach.

My work and my life are inspired by my four children, my beautiful gardens, a picturesque place, and by the joy of living in a healthy body.


Diplomas > -- Consulting Therapist, Neuro-linguistic Programming (La Seve PNL)
> -- Specialist in Crystal Elixirs and Kinesiology (Eaux Vives)
Studies > -- Health Practitioner (Collège des Médicines Douces du Québec)
> -- Seminars in Health Food (Association Manger-Santé BIO)
> -- Seminars in Organic and Biodynamic Gardening
> -- Bach Flowers

> -- Association Manger-Santé BIO
> -- La guilde des herboristes du Québec
> -- Centre d'agriculture biologique du Québec
> -- Greenpeace
> -- Canadian Order of Practitioners of Naturopathy and Naturotherapy (OCPNN)
> -- National Association of Naturopaths (ANN)